Disney World Dreaming..

DW Teaser2In am a guy in my seventh decade of life who has a visit to Disney World near the top of his very short bucket list.  My wife thinks I am crazy. They say that many old folks revert back to their childhood in the later years, she thinks I am one of them.  But I kind of think differently.

I see Disney World as a place where I can cast off the harsh realities of life and stick my head in the sand! It is a mystical place where a dreamer like me can escape once in a while. Is Disney really a good place  for senior citizens? You bet it is and I will be posting more about that in the near future.

Dreaming about Disney World is my main focus for the coming weeks. I will be telling you first about my planning and then make daily reports while I am there.  I plan on taking many pictures so even after the time there I will be dreaming about it via them and sharing that with you.

Up front I want to tell you what I have initially discovered and that is Disney World can not happen without a lot of planning. But since I am a planner at heart that doesn’t bother me at all. In fact it is really a substantial part of the dream process.  More on the stages of dreaming  in a near future post…

I am dreaming about Disney World…..

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