I’m Dreaming of Disney World – Getting Ready for the Pictures..


I love photographing things, especially things that excite me or get me to thin2016-03-20_09-31-06.pngking about what I have yet to be exposed to. I love taking pictures. Over the years I have migrated from a simple camera to a inexpensive SLR and finally to a rather expensive DSLR. My last camera purchase was about two years ago. It was my third digital camera and it has many features that I have yet to explore.

2016-03-20_09-28-35.pngGoing to Disney world has prompted me to learn more about my camera so I can use it to its max with taking pictures there. I have never really attempted much in the area of night photography but since I want to capture Disney’s fireworks I am studying how to do that.  I want to be able to use some of the latest HDR apps to make impressive camera shots of each of the theme parks there.  I am learning about bracketed photographs that combines information form three different exposures to put out an impressive shot.

2016-03-20_09-29-30.pngDisney World is making me be a better photographer and that is a good thing.  Even after seven decades on this earth I still get excited about learning new things.  As C.S. Lewis said You are never too old to dream a new dream.  I try to now live my life around that quote. When you stop dreaming you stop living as far as I am concerned.  When you stop learning you start decaying as far as I am concerned.

I have high hopes from my dreams of Disney World.  Will I be disappointed? I’m sure I will in some cases but I will not let that  put a damper on what I dream or my attempts to fulfill my dreams.

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