About Me

My 300x300 Avatar.jpgMy name is RJ Walters and I am an old-time misfit who has always been a dreamer. I can’t understand where all the years went?  I have always tried to live my  life “outside the box”. That is I don’t don’t follow along just for the sake of getting along.

  • I am passionate about many things in my life. Writing is one of them so I blog about what gets me up in the morning and what excites me even in my final years.
  •  I embrace change and loathe boredom.
  • I am genuinely trying to embrace simplicity and the simple joys of life but am finding that harder than I imagined.
  • I am in the seventh decade of my life and if my genes hold true it will be the last one for me. For that reason I have vowed to cast off any remaining inhibitions and prejudices and try to just live my remaining years as a free spirit.
  • I was born and have spent most of my life in Indiana.  I am proud of my Midwestern roots but don’t particularly like that my State is so conservative.
  • I am deaf but that is not who I am. It is just an affliction that I must cope with on a daily basis. I went deaf  about thirty years ago.
  • Like all of us, I am a person who is composed of all the experiences of my life and that is what I write here. Sin

I want to close here with a quote from Mark Twain that sums it up for me.

 “I am old; I recognize it but I don’t realize it. I wonder if a person ever really ceases to feel young – I mean for a whole day at a time.” –Mark Twain.

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