Playing a Part…

Vincennes Rendezvous-2There is nothing childish about make believe, it should stay with us our entire lives.  It makes us more aware of the diversity around us and in our history.  I found these two at the Vincennes Rendezvous walking the grounds.  I’m sure they both  had this event on their calendar with a big star next to it.  Playing the part of some of their heroes….

In Search of Architectural Beauty

Milwaukee Museum.jpg

I think the Milwaukee Museum above is the most creative building I have ever been in. It looks out on Lake Michigan. Architecture was one of my early fascinations in life….

Tells Its Own Story…

 Blog Pics.jpg


Slice 22.png    One of my many hobbies is to take a picture and then try to find a hidden story within the frame.  The picture from which this was taken is of a small southern Indiana town street. Looking at this pic it might have just as well been captured decades ago.

In Search of – Special Memories

Pyramids.jpgThis picture was taken on a Saturday morning in 1972. It has a special memory as that is when I first decided I wanted to use a camera for art.  The building in the background was called the Pyramids  and was located on the north side of Indianapolis. I was a young man of twenty-six when I took this shot.  I have taken thousands of photographs since them but this one continues to be on of my favorites.

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