Playing a Part…

Vincennes Rendezvous-2There is nothing childish about make believe, it should stay with us our entire lives.  It makes us more aware of the diversity around us and in our history.  I found these two at the Vincennes Rendezvous walking the grounds.  I’m sure they both  had this event on their calendar with a big star next to it.  Playing the part of some of their heroes….

Rendezvous – Vincennes

Vincennes Rendezvous.jpg

ISOA Banner   I had the pleasure of attending the Vincennes Indiana Rendezvous over the past weekend. I just love re-enactments with all the muskets blazing and this is an especially good one. All the vendors, food and otherwise, were selling things that were common for the period (early 1800s).



Small Town.jpg

ISOA Banner  The above scene it all too common on main street in rural America. Buildings which once housed thriving small businesses are now abandoned to the ravages of time.  I wonder what it would take to re-purpose these sites to bring them back into use. It takes a creative person to figure that out but it is being done in some small towns…

Part of Americana…

Mail Pouch.jpg

ISOA Banner  Mail Pouch signs are part of Americana. They might be faded now but still show up on many rural buildings.  This one was recently found in the small town of Lyons in southern Indiana. But chewing tobacco is really a dirty messy habit..  🙂

Old Time Gas Stations…

Gas Station - Vincennes.jpg2016-05-21_10-05-15

At one time these buildings were the standard for gas stations. Some of have been re-purposed but many, like the one here recently photographed in Vincennes Indiana will soon disappear..

Rust Belt


ISOA BannerRust Belt is a appropriate term used to describe the once thriving mill towns of the Midwest. As Wikipedia says:

The Rust Belt is a term for the region straddling the upper Northeastern United States, the Great Lakes, and the Midwest States, referring to economic decline, population loss, and urban decay due to the shrinking of its once powerful industrial sector…

Pittsburgh is perhaps the epitome of that term.  During my youth and beyond they were simply know as the “Steel Town”. They like many others in the area are gradually becoming a more diverse economy but Pittsburgh in particular still maintains it gritty persona… The picture taken here was from the Monongahela Incline above the city.



I Love Reenactors

Ft William


ISOA Banner   I love to visit historic sites that have reenactors that is people who play roles of the historic event or site. Fort William in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada is one of my top ten in that category.  Yes Canada is very much in my search for America….


Small Town Life


Ennis Cafe.jpg

ISOA Banner   You don’t know America if you have never eaten at a small town cafe. This one in Ennis Montana like so many others is proud of its heritage. We had breakfast there, a big place of sausage gravy and biscuits so didn’t have a change to try their strawberry pie… The biscuits were kind of hard but the gravy was very good.

The Corn Palace…

Corn Palace.jpg

ISOA Banner   Nothing could be more American that the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. My first time there was on a family vacation in the 1950s. I have been there three other times and except for the date on the front of the building it has not changed one iota over the years.


Bridgeton Rendevous.jpg

One of my favorite type day trips are to rendezvous around the Midwest. This one was in Bridgeton Indiana about a week ago. Some day I just may join them in reliving days of our country’s past

American Pickers…

American Pickers-2.jpg

Antique Archeology.jpgAmerican Pickers.jpg

On our way to Disney World this month we stopped by the Nashville store of the guys from the TV show “American Pickers”. It was in interesting place  but much smaller than I imagined.  I didn’t notice until I got home and saw the last picture on a larger sceen that all six people sitting on the benches had their cell phone in their hand.  Even these surroundings couldn’t entice them to put them down for long.  🙂

Finger Lakes…

WTC 1999-2.jpg

ISOA BannerThe finger lakes region of New York State was one of those unexpected pleasures in life.  I happened across it in the late  90s while exploring that region of the country.  It is almost surreal in its beauty. It was wine country long before the California vineyards ever existed.

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