New Harmony Facade.jpg

One of my recently discovered passions is to document the facades of small town America before they crumble into the dust of history.  This one was found on the main street of New Harmony Indiana on a trip there this week.  I have always been fascinated about facades but this discovery will cause me to start collecting them from my archives and adding more on my frequent road trips around the Midwest.

Reflections, Doors, Windows & More


Pic in a Pic Banner   I discovered something very basic about me recently. I am obsessed with reflection, doors, windows and other such things.  I now have a photo portfolio that exceeds 18,000 pictures and many of them are of this genre.  As above, I love to take my photo editing tools and create something that wasn’t quite there.

The picture above was taken in Ottawa Canada about 5 years ago.

The Invasion of….


Rose Breasted Grosebeaks have taken over the feeder today. They travel through to I don’t know where about this time of year. I always enjoy seeing them for a few weeks.

Disney World — Flowers

Disney Flowers.jpg

One of the things that impressed me the most about my recent trip to Disney World were the flower beds. They were huge and beautiful. These were found below the Monorail system in Epcot.

In Search of Architectural Beauty

Milwaukee Museum.jpg

I think the Milwaukee Museum above is the most creative building I have ever been in. It looks out on Lake Michigan. Architecture was one of my early fascinations in life….

In Search Of Beauty.

Homestead Pics-4.jpg

I never get tired of taking photos looking off our front porch. Especially with the crab apple tree in full bloom and the horses grazing across the street. Thank you Lord for giving me another Spring season to enjoy this view….



Shaker Symmetry..

Pleasant Hill.jpg

slice21.png  Symmetry has always been the epitome of beauty to me. This picture was taken in the attic of the central dwelling building at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Kentucky twenty years ago and remains one of my personal favorites.  Shakers were very much about symmetry throughout their communities.

I’m Dreaming about … Mountain Hiking…

Colorado Mtns.jpg

I took the picture above in 1977 when I hiked there with my best buddy. I don’t remember the name of the mountain but it is located in southwestern Colorado.  The mountain top lake shown here was at 12,000 feet so the breathing was hard even for the 31 year-old that I was. You could say the view was literally breathtaking!  This pic remains in the 5 star category in my Lightroom library. We camped there for three days before heading back down.


In Search of – Special Memories

Pyramids.jpgThis picture was taken on a Saturday morning in 1972. It has a special memory as that is when I first decided I wanted to use a camera for art.  The building in the background was called the Pyramids  and was located on the north side of Indianapolis. I was a young man of twenty-six when I took this shot.  I have taken thousands of photographs since them but this one continues to be on of my favorites.

Spring Has Sprung….

Homestead Pics-5.jpgSpring is my absolutely favorite season of the year.  It is a time when the earth comes to life once again. I thank the Lord for that happening each year and letting me enjoy another occurrence.  Winters are a hard time for me. That is the time when my depression hits its lowest level. The constant grey sky and lack of sun drains me. I seem to live in a constant darkness during winter months.  Spring is my favorite season.

As the years have gone by, we have been in our current homestead for sixteen years now, I find that I need help with the Spring cleanup duties. This year I asked a younger out-of-work friend to help with the initial work. I think I paid him well.  Since I have many very mature trees on the property there is a massive pile of downed limbs to be picked up, especially from the poplar trees. My wife’s flower gardens need to be cleaned of last years stems so they are ready for the soon to be sprouts. These two chores alone took several hours, even with help. My young friend left with a sore back but vowed to come back soon for round two.

Homestead Pics-4.jpgThe buds on the lilac and crab apple trees are ready to burst with their fragrant flowers. The daffodils are already three inches high. When we cut down last years growth from the maiden grass this years sprouts were already waiting to take their place. Spring is in the air…

When we came to the homestead at the very beginning of this new millennium I bought a new garden tractor to match the two and a half acres of grass. I enjoyed the three plus hours it took each week to mow. It was a time that I could let my mind roam on many dreamy things. It was a time for talking to God and thanking him for letting me breath his air. Now, sixteen years in, I still do that but the actual work is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure but that is OK.

I look forward to the warm days ahead but I have to admit that this previous winter was one of the mild ones. There were only three snow above two inches so the plow put on the garden tractor last Fall remained unused. I celebrate that along with the sprouts of life.

Homestead Pics-2.jpgI have a place on the property that is the highest point of the homestead. The view there is simply astounding. I spend many a Spring afternoon on the swinging glider there. I call it going to the mountain. It is a time to get lost in meditation about life and to soak in the view for yet another year. I will never tire of this pleasure. The hours in the Spring there re-invigorate me from my winter doldrums. The first time on the mountain in the Spring I officially thank God for giving me another Spring.

Spring is my favorite time of year….


My Morning Toast…

Squirrel with toast.jpg

I enjoy my morning toast and so does my squirrel friend it seems….

Haleakalā Volcano

Hawaii Volcano.jpg

I took this picture about 30 years ago from the top of the Haleakalā Volcano in Maui Hawaii while on my honeymoon. It is the epitome of beauty to me. Almost surreal…

I was a naive kid of 40 back then. It is amazing how much I have learned and continue to learn since… 🙂

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