Star Wars..

I certainly enjoyed my recent trip to Disney World, especially the Star Wars elements. Today May 4 being Star Wars day I thought it appropriate to give you a picture of a major exhibit there.

May the fourth be with you….   🙂  🙂

Star Wars

The Invasion of….


Rose Breasted Grosebeaks have taken over the feeder today. They travel through to I don’t know where about this time of year. I always enjoy seeing them for a few weeks.


Bridgeton Rendevous.jpg

One of my favorite type day trips are to rendezvous around the Midwest. This one was in Bridgeton Indiana about a week ago. Some day I just may join them in reliving days of our country’s past

Disney World — Flowers

Disney Flowers.jpg

One of the things that impressed me the most about my recent trip to Disney World were the flower beds. They were huge and beautiful. These were found below the Monorail system in Epcot.

In Search of Architectural Beauty

Milwaukee Museum.jpg

I think the Milwaukee Museum above is the most creative building I have ever been in. It looks out on Lake Michigan. Architecture was one of my early fascinations in life….

In Search Of Beauty.

Homestead Pics-4.jpg

I never get tired of taking photos looking off our front porch. Especially with the crab apple tree in full bloom and the horses grazing across the street. Thank you Lord for giving me another Spring season to enjoy this view….



I’m Dreaming Of.. Gardening…

1993 Garden

I have always liked to grow things and have had a veggie garden most of my life.  This one from 1993 was perhaps my best. My garden this year is six tomato plants, a couple of zucchini plants, and the usual asparagus patch. Its meager but at least better than last year’s potted tomatoes on the deck…

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