Star Wars..

I certainly enjoyed my recent trip to Disney World, especially the Star Wars elements. Today May 4 being Star Wars day I thought it appropriate to give you a picture of a major exhibit there. May the fourth… Read More

Disney World — Flowers

One of the things that impressed me the most about my recent trip to Disney World were the flower beds. They were huge and beautiful. These were found below the Monorail system in Epcot.

Almost There…

Here I am in a hotel room in Ocala Florida, which is about an hour and a half from Disney World. Or at least if traffic allows this Sunday morning. I got my MagicBand out of the luggage… Read More

I’m Dreaming of Disney World – Getting Ready for the Pictures..

I love photographing things, especially things that excite me or get me to thinking about what I have yet to be exposed to. I love taking pictures. Over the years I have migrated from a simple camera to… Read More

I’m Dreaming of Disney World -The Right Tools

This is the fifth post in my series of dreaming about Disney World and will be be about the tools to do the job right.  I am a big believer in using the right tools for the job. … Read More

Disney World – Where To Stay

Our Disney World trip is definitely in the works!  I put down the deposit ten days ago and have received the initial mailing with recommendations and such. This original mailing is very helpful in my planning process and,… Read More

Disney World Dreaming..

In am a guy in my seventh decade of life who has a visit to Disney World near the top of his very short bucket list.  My wife thinks I am crazy. They say that many old folks… Read More